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Heart Pillows

The final meeting of the Heart Pillow team was on
December 05, 2016.

The final delivery to Sunnybrook was made on
January 29, 2017.

The Total Pillows that were delivered to Sunnybrook was

❤️ 26,198 ❤️




Prime Contact - Susan Seabrooke

The Heart Pillows group meets every Monday morning
(Subject to change re: holidays on Mondays etc)

These pillows are made and delivered to heart surgery patients at Sunnybrook Hospital

by the Heart Pillow Ladies, Scarborough Retirees' Club of the Telco Community Volunteers.



A special presentation was made to the Heart Ladies
at Sunnybrook on Monday, September 21
to recognize their outstanding achievement.


25,824 Heart pillows have been donated to Sunnybrook!
(updated August 07, 2016)

The Pioneers “Heart Pillow” is designed to aid patients recovering from heart surgery.
Patients are encouraged to cough to release congestion in their lungs.
Prior to the Pioneers “Heart Pillow”, hospitals would give patients rolled up blankets to hold against their chests to ease the pain associated with coughing.
The rolled up blankets are cumbersome for the patients to handle.
The Pioneers “Heart Pillow” is a convenient, attractive and easy to handle remedy for heart patients with congestion.



Heart Pillow Team (2016)
Evelyn Lonergan
Dianne Niemietz
Ester Sitchon
Sylvia Pratt
Sharie Stewart
Susan Seabrooke

June Gardiner will be "retiring" from the group on September 21/2015


Initial Members of the Heart Pillow Team from Day One
(Started in 1992)
Ivy Taylor
Arlene Lowther
Vi Burke
June Gardiner
Joyce Gill
Eleanor Hunt
Glenys Lee
Joyce Ashberry
Nina Luszczki
Dianne Niemietz
Mary O'Brien
Dorothy Patterson
Olive Phillips
Mary Shinn
Helen Shaughnessy
Sharie Stewart
Doris Foley
Marg MacInnis
Sheila McEwan
Jean Howard
Jean Vernon

Celebrating 20,000 hearts

Tuesday, June 01, 2010
For the past 18 years, they have come together on Monday mornings at the Scarborough Town Centre to cut, sew, stuff and deliver red, heart-shaped pillows to patients of Sunnybrook's Schulich Heart Centre who have undergone cardiovascular surgery. On May 28, the ladies of the "Heart Pillow Project" made an extra special delivery to the Sunnybrook Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) to present one special patient with the 20,000th pillow made by hand, with love.

"Making heart pillows gives us a chance to visit with friends we might not otherwise see regularly and the heart pillows we make comfort people who have undergone heart surgery at Sunnybrook. It's a win-win situation," says Mary Shinn, Pillow Project originator. "We're having fun and making a difference in the lives of others!"

Dr. Stephen Fremes, Head of the Division of Cardiac and Vascular Surgery at Sunnybrook was joined by Dr. Bernard Goldman, founder of the Division, Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld, chief of Trauma, Emergency and Critical Care, and the CVICU nursing staff to witness the presentation of the 20,000th heart pillow to Mr. Sam Jaipaulsingh.

"Not only do the heart pillows provide comfort to surgical patients, but they also help in the recovery process," said Dr. Fremes. "By hugging the pillow, the chest cavity is kept intact and there is less likelihood of stitches tearing."

The Sunnybrook team thanked the ladies for their dedication to the patients of the Schulich Heart Centre and for the comfort they have provided with their healing hearts over the years.

What does it take to make 20,000 heart pillows by hand?

3.6 km of red cotton fabric
4 tons of fiberfill
400 spools of red thread
20,000 "Telco Community Volunteers" labels



Scarborough Retirees' Club
100 Borough Drive - Floor 1
Scarborough ON M1P 4W2

Club Room (416) 290-5381 - Hot Line (416) 296-0281

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