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Club Executive Team


President Open for any Volunteer
Past Vice President Florena Curry
Treasurer Bob Middleton
Secretary Val Hennessey
Membership Ron Green
TCV Representatives Ralph Iceton & Dawn Grady
Special Events (Speakers) Valerie Nippard
Over 80's Hilda Grieve

Fund Raising

Kathy Kaspar & Debbie Adams
Projects & Travel Jacqueline Fleming
Bereavements * Val Hennessey
Fellowship ** Val Hennessey

Club Member's Activities

Kitchen - Susan Seabrooke

Computer Club(s) - Dave Grieve

In Touch Contact - Ron Green

Christmas Luncheon - Dawn Grady


* If you know of a club member who has passed away, please contact Val Hennessey

** If you are aware of one of the club members / spouse who is ill, in the hospital, home recovering please contact Val Hennessey so a card can be sent on behalf of the Scarborough Club.

A donation from the club will be given to a charity of choice for only "next of kin" which is defined as "Spouse/Mother/Father/Son/Daughter/Sister/Brother" of paid up members.





Scarborough Retirees' Club
100 Borough Drive - Floor 1
Scarborough ON M1P 4W2

Club Room (416) 290-5381 - Hot Line (416) 296-0281

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