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About Us - Chapter History

How it all began.

The organizing committee met on March 10, 1983 at 100 Borough Drive, Scarborough, Ontario.

Scarborough Life Members' Club received their charter on February 1st, 1984.

The Life Members' Lounge was opened on September 11th, 1984. It was located on the 6th floor. The guest speakers on that special day were:

Jack Sinclair - Executive Vice President (Administration)
Dick Brooks - President Maple Leaf Chapter 74
Norm Watson - Pioneer Administrative Office
Paul Oetiker -Chapter L.M. Rep - gave invocation
Warren Grant - VP Seneca Council, presented the club with a gavel from the Council.

A buffet, prepared by the club members, was served to the 225 pioneers who attended the opening festivities.

It was standing room only at the Pioneer lounge official opening at 100 Borough Drive.

This photo was found in the October 29, 1984 issue of the Bell News.
If you look to the left side of the photo you may recognize someone who was an active member of our club until his passing a few years ago.


SCARBOROUGH -It was standing room only at the official opening of the Pioneer Lounge on the sixth floor of 100 Borough Drive. At the open house, the club's charter was presented by Diane Weber. Guests of honour included Wally Pollock, division manager, I & R, Metro Toronto; Jack Sinclair, executive vice-president (Corporate); Jeff Mellon, past chapter Life Member rep; and Paul Oetiker, chapter Life Member rep.


Organizing Committee
(March 1983 - September 1983)

Chairman: Robert A. Haller
Vice Chairman: Mrs. Helen Young
Secretary: Mrs. Virginia Haller

Committee Members

Mrs. Joyce Gill
Frank Gill
William Shaughnessy
Len Shinn
John Young
Reg Stark

Special Advisors

Mrs. Irene Standring - President - Seneca Council
Mrs. Elsie Collins - Toronto Eglinton Life Members Club

The First Executive
(Oct 01, 1983 - June 30, 1984)

Robert A. Haller - President
William Shaughnessy - 1st Vice President
Elsie Hornibrook - 2nd Vice President
Virginia Haller - Secretary
James A. Todd - Treasurer
Frank Gill - Life Member Rep. Seneca Council
Paul Oetker - Life Member Rep. Maple Leaf Chapter 74

Committee Chairmen

Mrs. Ruth McGarvey -Entertainment & Programs
Len Shinn - Fund Raising & Special Advisory
Reg Stark - Deputy Chair - Fund Raising & Special Advisory
Gil Jones - Historical
Ken Imison - Information & Publicity
Mrs. Jill Imison - Deputy Chair - Information & Publicity
Mrs. Joyce Gill - Fellowship
Mrs. Margaret Soper - Contact
William Mackenzie - Community Service Projects
Mrs. Mary Shinn - Social Convenor
Neil Ashwin - Custodian
Mrs. Janina Luszczki - Fellowship Chairman (Nov 13/84)
Peter Healey - Community Services Chairman (Oct 9/84)

The Executive for 1989 / 1990

Reg Stark - President
Bob Middleton - Treasurer
Bob Haller - Executive VP
Joyce Horgan - VP
Len Shinn - VP
Martha Stark - Secretary
Dennis Phillips - Custodian
Bill Bauld - Historical
Ken Imison - Publicity
Don Leitch - Chapter Life Member Rep.

Some of the others involved in the day to day operation of the club at this time were:

Ethel Brown, Shirley McCrudden, Marie Clephan, Joyce & Frank Gill, Jean Vernon, Arlene & Bruce Lowther, Vic MacInnis, Mary Shinn, Olive Phillips, Brian Sayer, and Neil Ashwin.

Three new members joined the executive at this time, they were Yvonne Gibson, Ted George and Gord Bleasdell.



Scarborough Club Presidents
1982 Robert Haller
1983 Robert Haller
1984 Robert Haller
1985 William Shaughnessy
1986 Peter Healey
1987 Reg Stark
1988 Reg Stark
1989 Reg Stark
1990 Reg Stark
1991 Robert Haller
1992 Robert Haller
1993 Robert Middleton
1994 Robert Middleton
1995 Robert Middleton
1996 Gord Ashberry
1997 Betty Kincaide
1998 Betty Kincaide
1999 Betty Kincaide
2000 Florena Curry
2001 Florena Curry
2002 Florena Curry
2003 Jack Fitzgerald
2004 Jack Fitzgerald
2005 Jack Fitzgerald
2006 By Committee
2007 Victoria D'Souza
2008 By Executive Committee
2009 By Executive Committee
2010 By Executive Committee
2011 By Executive Committee

By Executive Committee

2013 By Executive Committee
2014 By Executive Committee
2015 By Executive Committee
2016 By Executive Committee
2017 By Executive Committee

By Executive Committee

2019 By Executive Committee

Scarborough Club Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards
2004 Robert Haller
  Robert Middleton
  Vic MacInnis
  Ken Imison
2005 Bill Bauld
  Ivy & Fulton Taylor
  Len & Mary Shinn
  Ralph Iceton
2006 Jack Fitzgerald
  Yvonne Gibson
  Dave Grieve
  Dianne Niemietz
2007 Pat Middleton
  Ron Green
  Florena Curry
  Evelyn Lonergan
2008 Arlie Lowther
  Kathleen (Kathy) Kasper
  Virginia Haller
  June & Dave Gardiner
2009 Dawn Grady
  Dorothy Paudler
  Monica Ferguson
  Louise Steadman
2010 Ray & Mary O'Brien
  Jackie Fleming
  Omer Cormier
  Kathy Kasper













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